As long as you remain standing

“If you want to make it through another day, it’s your responsibility to do what you have to do to stay on your feet, and when you stumble, getting back on your feet and continuing the journey must be your firm resolve.

The notes and essays in this collection demonstrate my own modest efforts over the years to stay on my feet and to see the journey to its end.”

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The real, or non-real purpose of our existence

October 1999: “I like to say that I want to be an expert on something. But an expert on what? History? Philosophy? Psychology? Simple fact is that I’d have to read what I can on all these subjects. That is the only way to answer a question that I have been obsessed with my entire adult life: What makes life worth living for the average person in the modern world?”

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Time doesn’t really fly

Includes …

How the forces dance
Almost the end
Scorching kebabs
Storming ahead with a burning violin
All of us alive at this time
Old heroes stand, some fall, and posters are changed
Day in town
About monkeys and (so-called) originality
Dream of salt, two women and an egg
Sparks and true love, in a nutshell
At least three examples that prove that people are full of it
Time to give up

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Not a table, a dog or a pencil

“People sometimes burn up decades trying to sort out what they are supposed to do. They spend years looking for ‘true’ answers, their ‘real’ selves, where they supposedly ‘really’ belong … without realising they have two choices: accept to a large extent your given self and function as such, within the particular framework of given place and time, or choose who and what you want to be, and where.”

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In the grip of heretics – or, The Christian

“Boy grows up in a Christian home.

Serious about religion as a teenager and as a young adult.

Confronted with the historical development of his religious beliefs.

Doubt in the ‘truths’ he was raised with leads to a crisis of faith.”

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